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First, how have y’all been. We’ve missed you! Miss seeing you, performing for, and with you, and miss hearing you laugh with us. So much is happening with the ComedySportz gang, and it’s time we let our fans in on the news. In this issue you’ll find out about the ComedySportz Richmond, Phoenix Rising Tour, Christine Walters new endeavors, and an upcoming benefit show.

It’s all so exciting! While we’ve been busy little bees, we hope you’ve had a chance to venture out to see some of the other improv that’s happening in town. All our friends have branched out and are performing and you can catch Paradox, Richmond Comedy Coalition, or Random Acts shows are easy to find.
Upcoming show!

Zak Resnick

ComedySportz Fundraiser for the St. Thomas Episcopal Church Youth

Saturday, June 19 – 7:00pm
St. Thomas Episcopal Church – Parish Hall
3402 Hawthorne Avenue in the Ginter Park neighborhood of Richmond’s Northside
Tickets: $10 each OR $25 for a family (2 parents & up to 4 kids)
Tickets available at the door as long as they’re available, or online in advance at

Why? This August, members of the St. Thomas Youth Group will be embarking on a mission trip to the mountains of West Virginia, the heart of Appalachia. They will spend a week working directly with a family affected by poverty, volunteering their time with home repairs and helping them out however they can. This show is to raise funds to help cover transportation, food and additional program costs associated with making the trip a reality!

Lessons Of Laughter
Christines New Headshot

Christine Walters is back in the saddle again. She just started her own company, LOL, Lessons Of Laughter, LLC. Try as she might to not be involved with comedy, her heart is with improv and ComedySportz. We always knew it was! Now, with LOL, her focus is corporate innovation and team training, speaking engagements, creating creative programs, and coaching presentation skills. Visit her new site at if you’re looking for programs, a speaker, or a presentation coach.

Last August Christine started a cheerleading program with RMA , Retail Merchants Association. She and five others create informative and comical cheers for the monthly RMA breakfast meetings. Perhaps you saw the recent cheer Martin’s was Ukrop’s and Ukrop’s is Martin’s.

During her time away from comedy, one of the loyal fans/friends had her working with his companies. She’s still moonlighting with The Document Termination Company, and City Ice. Why did she choose to work with this loyal fan? Because she believes in his integrity to quality products. In her opinion these two companies provide the best product in their field, and they’re produced here in Richmond.

ComedySportz Richmond, Phoenix Rising Tour
Phoenix Rising Tour Since we are in the planning stages of bringing back da’ funny, we are looking for ways to bring the ComedySportz show to our fans. We’ve had fans continuing to ask when and where will our next show be. Thank you, we appreciate the love.

With that in mind, and while lining our ducks in a row, working on the plan, and looking for a new theatre space, we are also coordinating a ComedySportz Richmond Phoenix Rising Tour. We are now accepting offers to bring our show to your neighborhood. If you know of a restaurant with a private banquet room, a location with a theatre space, or any other location that offers a private area and is interested in boosting their food and or door sales we want to talk. The team is looking to perform for you, and we need our fans help to find locations that might be a great fit. If you know of a location, please contact us at The new management team will be eager to work with your ideas. Soon, you’ll be able to visit our website, for all the new news!

Loyal Fans,

While we’re working on our new endeavors please help us by telling everyone you know about  the return of ComedySportz Richmond. We are open to location ideas, to restaurant partners, to investors etc. If you fit that description, or know someone who does please contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

While we make our plans, stay tuned for the announcement of where you can join in fun of the Phoenix Rising Tour. Also, in the mix we’ll be having auditions for our Major League team this fall. And as soon as we have our new theatre we’ll be relaunching our High School League and Little League programs. We have a lot of old things we’re looking forward to bringing back, and a great deal of new things we can’t wait to start.

Lots of Laughs,

Ref Howie,

ComedySportz Improv
Richmond, Virginia 23228

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