Laugh Non-Stop for Two Years - in ONE NIGHT!!

We’ll have our traditional ComedySportz match on stage, PLUS all the festive party favors, snacks, preferred beverages and kissable comedians to make the party complete! Bring your date or the whole family for a memorable night!

ComedySportz - December 31, 7:00 pm
It’s New Year’s SOMEWHERE! Join us for our interactive, all-ages show and toast the New Year with our other-time-zone countdown, special year-end games, and a milk & Twinkie toast for the young and young at heart! Tickets are $15 with advance reservation, $18 at the door.

ComedySportz - December 31, 10:00 pm
A full CSz match that brings us right up to the New Year’s countdown! Fine for any age, but this show also includes a champagne toast for the 21 and up crowd! Tickets are $18 with advance reservation, $22 at the door.

Make your reservations ONLINE, or call 804.266.9377!! Tickets for our New Year's shows tend to sell-out fast, so make your reservations today!

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