A series of different improv offerings for the late night crowd.

We're proud to present our series of improv shows created with the adult crowd in mind! "After Hours" will bring you new troupes, performances and improv experiences unlike anything you've seen before! We're giving free reign to our house troupe of performers to step outside of their regular improv world and create shows based on strengths they might not otherwise get to present in the clean comedy format that our ComedySportz shows requires.
It doesn't mean dirty for dirty's sake - it simply means unrestricted, no holds barred, intelligent comedy that has the freedom to go anywhere the audience and performers take it. Feel free to bring your kids, but don't say we didn't warn you!

As we launch this new series early in 2014, here's a couple of offerings you can expect right away!

Our long-running, long-form, medium-form, ANY form troupe! Presented every last Friday of the month at 10:15pm. Click the image to find out more!
Troupes battle it out for the right to be called "champion", returning each week to fight the next challenger. Presenting improv in all sorts of formats, the audience has the final say in who gets to return and who ends their run! Click the pic for more!

Click here if you want to learn more about our all-ages ComedySportz shows!