Taking the battle of the wits to the next level.

Presenting the premiere of a brand new way to bring you competitive improv comedy for the late night crowd. Improv Arena pits two teams against each other in a battle of improv domination. These teams are created by the amazing performers you always see at our theatre, and their rosters don't change. Any time their scheduled to battle in the Improv Arena, you can count on those performers bringing their hardest-hitting comedy skills in ways you may have never seen before - short form, long form, music, Shakespeare, rap - you just never know.

Unlike in our fan-favorite and clean comedy ComedySportz shows, Improv Arena gives each team a full half of a show to blow the audience away with their comedic skills. The audience supplies the suggestions (and sometimes even more!) to fuel the funny, and then the audience gets to VOTE at the end of the show to see which team holds on to the championship title until the return of Improv Arena in it's next Friday spot!
Just like with any of the shows in our After Hours series, Improv Arena isn't intentionally dirty or blush-worthy humor - but it IS unrestricted, no holds barred, intelligent comedy that has the freedom to go anywhere the audience and performers take it. Feel free to bring your kids, but don't say we didn't warn you!

Improv Arena happens usually every third Friday, every single month! - reserve your spot by getting tickets HERE!


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