ComedySportz League Shows - Always Hilarious!

At ComedySportz Improv Theatre, whenever you come and watch our regular ComedySportz shows every Friday or Saturday night, you're in the big leagues. Our most professional, talented, hilarious and seasoned performers, members of our Major League, are there to keep you in stitches for the entire show. And our troupe is jam packed with these amazing perfomers (click here and see for yourself!)

But what happens when these improvisers AREN'T on the stage? How can our Loyal Fanz get their fix of the sporting event of comedy? WHO WILL BRING THE FUNNY TO THE FANZ??? Enter the CSz Leagues!!!

Our CSz Leagues consist of people of all ages who take regular time all year to practice the art of improv and have trained with ComedySportz Richmond. From adults (the Minor League) all the way down to 4th graders (the Little League), we occasionally present ComedySportz matches with our many other talented and amazing players from any of the following Leagues:

And of course, our regular weekend shows with...

So make sure you're on our email mailing list to find out when any and all of the Leagues might have a show on our calendar next! They'd love to see you as a supportive Loyal Fan, and you'll love laughing with a whole new set of players!

If you'd like to find out more about how to join one of our leagues, CLICK HERE!