Celebrate the perfect Birthday with the players from ComedySportz® Richmond!

We focus the games and suggestions on the 16-and-under crowd, use LOTS of audience volunteers and generally have a rip-roaring good time.

ComedySportz® Birthday matches are PERFECT for birthday parties or any kid get-together. Adults will find it fun, too. It's the perfect way to entertain one to 100 kids on a Saturday afternoon.

The ComedySport®z Birthday match is a little shorter than our regular match, without a halftime, and afterwards the the players mingle with the fans. Don't worry kids are still more than welcome at our regular ComedySportz® matches, but this one is all about them. They yell out the suggestions, they get on the stage and play WITH us!

Your birthday child will be featured in at least one performance game during the show, the performers will sing the signature ComedySportz birthday song, and the birthday child/children will have a picture taken with the ComedySportz team!!

Reserve YOUR Birthday Party with ComedySportz®Today!!!

We'd love to celebrate that special day with you, so let's talk and figure out exactly what is best for YOUR party! Call us at 804.266.9377 or email us at info@cszrva.com for more information. Click here to learn more.

Bring your cake, bring your kids and get ready to laugh!