Every final Friday, comedy stays on the clock.

Richmond's got something worth staying after hours for - OVERTIME IMPROV! ComedySportz Improv Theatre is proud to present the latest buzz in the Richmond improv scene. Take a little bit of short form improv (games and quick scenes) and mix that with a little bit of long form improv (formats that let things develop over time on stage and weave scenes into a larger picture) and what do you get?

Medium form. That makes no real sense. But that's okay - we make everything else up around here, right?

Overtime Improv showcases the talents of performers you'll see every week in our ComedySportz shows, but in a whole new light! You'll fall out of your seat laughing as they take your suggestions and go places you never dreamed possible!

Overtime is a featured presentation of our "After Hours" Friday night late show series. And although it is not an intentionally "blue" show, it also doesn't follow the traditional "brown bag" rules of our ComedySportz brand shows. So if you bring your kids, expect them to learn some new things.

Overtime Improv can be seen on the last Friday of every month at 10:15pm. Just click on the TICKETS link above to find out more information and to make your reservations for the next show!

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